Shelter Reservation Agreement

Shelter reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

In case of emergency please call Park Security at 926-0003.

Park Curfew: 11:00 PM 7:00 AM


Name Reserved Under:_____________________________________________________________________


Phone Number:__________________________________ Email:____________________________________


Name of Shelter:____________________________ Reserved for what purpose:________________________


Times of Reservation:______________ to ______________ (Circle One) Full Day Half Day


Amount of Payment: $20.00_______ or $30.00______ Cash______ Check #_________ Credit Card______


The Harrisburg Township Park District has rules that have been passed in the form of ordinances regulating the administration of the park and its facilities. We ask that you adhere to these rules and we wish to stress the following:


1.      NO ALCOHOL is allowed on park premises. No intoxicated person shall enter, be or remain in the park.

2.      NO BOUNCE HOUSES or INFLATABLES allowed on park property.

3.      Please throw all garbage away in containers provided at each shelter.

4.      No person shall display any advertisement, distribute, place any hand bill, pamphlet circular, or affix any of the prior mentioned upon any structure or thing in or around the park premises. NO nails, tacks, or staples are to be used on shelters or tables.

5.      All vehicles should remain in the parking lot areas or along roadways. No vehicles should be left in the grass areas on or near shelters.

6.      No person shall use any obscene, profane, or threatening language.

7.      No person shall make any improper noise, disturbance, or be guilty of disorderly conduct in the park.

8.      No person shall call any public meetings or give any concert or public entertainment of any kind without written consent of the park.

9.      No person shall offer for sale or exchange any article or thing, do any peddling, soliciting, buying, or take up collection in the park, except when authorized by permit or contract by the Park Board.

10.   Please do not feed animals in shelters and make sure they remain on a leash.

11.   Rental of TOT LOT Shelter does not give you exclusive rights to the TOT LOT Playground area.


By signing this document, your signature affirms that if you are in violation of any of the above ordinances, you could be subject to a fine and/or permanent removal/suspension from the Park premises.



Your Authorized Signature:_________________________________________ Date:_____________________


Park Employee Signature:__________________________________________